Everest Cast Pro Update Timeline

Find out what is newly added, changed, fixed, improved or updated in the latest Everest Panel versions.


27 September 2023

3.30.0 (27-09-2023):

✅ Improved speed for new radio account creation.
✅ Completely rewritten volume normalization; it's now more accurate and prevents sound clipping in certain tracks.
✅ Fixed a bug related to the priority setting of DJs.
✅ Resolved a bug causing the streamer to crash when playing files with extensive text in the MP3 comment tag.
✅ DJ recordings can now be transferred to both playlists and podcasts.
✅ Users can now reset likes, dislikes, and request counts for a track on its edit page.
✅ Added Estonian translation.
✅ Introduced sound indications and additional accessibility enhancements for the visually impaired.
✅ The media library now includes a duplicate search feature.
✅ New podcasts section added.

3.23.4 (17-03-2023):
✅ If volume normalization is disabled, the mp3 decoder will not reduce the stream volume by any percent like we do when volume normalization is enabled.
✅ Track in/out points selection is now improved to allow blink or disabled people to define entry points.
✅ New crossfade mode added: first track ends with normal volume, second fade in.
✅ Player constructor now has options to enable opacity for every player block, so you can make the player background completely transparent.
✅ It is now possible to export Top (and worst) tracks into Excel.
✅ THL (total listening time) reports added.
✅ Azerbaijan translation added.

3.23.2 (17-03-2023):
  ✅ Jingle blocks with a playlst inside now can play one track from that playlist in a sequence every time the block starts. 
  ✅ Djs now have an option to change the stream volume. 
  ✅ Djs now have an option to save live streams on the server. 
  ✅ Scheduler speed was improved and some minor bugs have been fixed. 

3.23.1 (02-03-2023):
  ✅ Player widget constructor now has an option to select which streams are available to the listener in the widget. 
  ✅ Improved album cover art discovery. 
  ✅ Events in the scheduler now have an option for selecting weeks to repeat, not only weekdays. 
  ✅ Lots of minor bugs fixed based on user reports after major 3.23.0 release. 

3.23.0 (24-01-2023):
  ✅ Switch to a new MP3 decoder, overall speed improved by 5-10% 
  ✅ Tag editor now added for Jingles. 
  ✅ Audio editor has been added for jingles, now it is possible to define in/out playback points. 
  ✅ Audio editor has been added for music files, now it is possible to define in/out playback points. 
  ✅ Current track widget now has an option to enable/disable the border, color change is also possible. 
  ✅ A new setting has been added not to load track covers. 
  ✅ Bug fixed: playlists order is fixed for rotations. 
  ✅ Bug fixed: same track could repeat in a rotation even same track repeat protection is enabled. 
  ✅ Bug fixed: FLAC as a source file now gets transcoded into AAC++ stream without issues. 

3.22.4 (18-12-2022):
  ✅ Jingle blocks now can have entire playlist in the middle (previously it was only possible to use a single track in betweein in and out jingles). 
  ✅ Fixed minor issue with rotations playback order. 

3.22.3 (21-11-2022):
  ✅ Traffic limit have been fixed, it was not counting the traffic correctly. 
  ✅ Fixed volume changes in live streams. 
  ✅ You can now set explicitly enable or disable jingles and song requests in a playlist or rotation that follows the main scheduled playlist when it ends. 
  ✅ FLAC encoder fixed (it causes crashes on some systems). 
  ✅ Better randomize for shuffled playlists. 
  ✅ Improved same artist protection. 

3.22.2 (24-10-2022):
  ✅ A bunch of minor improvements and fixes. 
  ✅ Admin can now change/set resellers for broadcaster accounts. 
  ✅ Reseller limits are fixed now. 
  ✅ Added an option to stream to Telegram without video or an image. In some cases audio-only streams are more stable and have less lags compared to video + audio streams. 
  ✅ You can now switch "Jukebox availability" option for several tracks at once. 
  ✅ Admin, broadcaster interface, widgets translations are improved. 
  ✅ Playlist track now show the date they were added into the playlist. 
  ✅ Now it is possible to quickly add selected track to other playlists or remove from other playlists. 
  ✅ "Login as" functionality fixed for admin users (admins can login as selected reseller). 
  ✅ Sound distortion fixed in some jingles that have "Mix" option enabled. 
  ✅ Proxy URL is getting cleared now when proxy is disabled, so it is possible to reuse same proxy path for other channels. 
  ✅ "Play jingles" and "Play song requests" are applied now the same way to the scheduled playlists and rotations as the original setting in the scheduler. For example, if "Play jingles" is disabled for a scheduled non-looping playlist, jingles will not play for a rotation/playlist that starts when the original playlist stops. 
  ✅ Volume fixed for relays. 
  ✅ Added traffic limit for resellers. 
  ✅ Option to enable/disable social network streaming added to resellers. 
  ✅ Option to enable/disable geoblocking added to resellers and broadcaster accounts. 
  ✅ Reseller limits fixed for broadcaster templates. 
  ✅ Playlists now support sorting by filename, artist and title. 

3.22.1 (10-08-2022):
  ✅ A bunch of GEO/IP blocking related minor fixes and updates 

3.22.0 (25-07-2022):
  ✅ GEO and IP blocking feature added 

3.21.6 (11-06-2022):
  ✅ Brazilian Portuguese language added 
  ✅ Waveform generation fixed for large files 
  ✅ Waveform audio editor now supports playback 
  ✅ FTP settings for Ubuntu servers are fixed to limit user access to their home directories only 

3.21.5 (07-06-2022):
  ✅ Fixed license status display bug 

3.21.4 (03-06-2022):
  ✅ Fixed metadata issue 

3.21.3 (22-05-2022):
  ✅ Licensing information fixed and updated 

3.21.2 (20-05-2022):
  ✅ Improved support for the new Icecast 2.5. 
  ✅ Native SSL support for the new Shoutcast 2.6 out of the box, no need to use SSL proxy for shoutcast streams anymore, paid Shoutcast subscription is also not required for SSL. 
  ✅ Stability issues fixed (metadata freeze and channel going into disconnected state both fixed) 

3.21.1 (05-05-2022):
  ✅ Metadata hang issue fixed 

3.21.0 (18-04-2022):
  ✅ Stability and speed improvements 
  ✅ Added support for Icecast authenticated listeners (allows creation of private stream links) 
  ✅ Icecast upgraded to 2.5beta3 
  ✅ Shoutcast upgraded to v2.6.1.777 

3.20.2 (18-04-2022):
  ✅ Fixed a bug when sometimes scheduled playlists do not start in time 
  ✅ Telegram streaming added 

3.20.1 (28-03-2022):
  ✅ Backup/restore scripts significantly improved. 
  ✅ Premoderation feature for track requests (jukebos) added. 
  ✅ Relay metadata fixed. 
  ✅ Events in the scheduler can now have 2 colors -  one for initial playlist and another one for playlist or relay that plays after the first playlist. 

3.20.0 (21-02-2022):
  ✅ Waveform generation for audio files (visual representation of audio tracks) added. 
  ✅ Ubuntu 20.04 LTS support added. 
  ✅ ~20 minor bugfixes reported by users are fixed. 
  ✅ Awstats stats will now fix itself if user stats are stuck by re-generating configuration. 
  ✅ A bunch of minor improvements to user interface and code in general. 
  ✅ A problem with relays that somites go on air by themselves is now fixed. 
  ✅ Fixed radioshows in the schedule that sometimes failed to start playing. 
  ✅ Install and upgrade commands changed to: bash <(wget -qO-  https://streaming.center/dist/install.sh) and bash <(wget -qO-  https://streaming.center/dist/update.sh) 
  ✅ change_host utility upgraded by fixing some issues and adding Ubuntu support. 
  ✅ ssl_enable utility upgraded by fixing some issues and adding Ubuntu support. 
  ✅ Backup/restore scripts improved, you can now merge accounts from Centos to Ubuntu and vice versa. 

3.19.1 (28-01-2022):
  ✅ SoundExchange reports improved: you can now edit report rows adding missing information. 
  ✅ Fix: when a server has the "Create playlists from directories" option enabled along with using another server directory playlist -  sync was not working, now it does. 
  ✅ Fix: SSL proxy was causing failures when 2 users have the same proxy path enabled, now it is fixed. 

3.19.0 (19-01-2022):
  ✅ SoundExchange royalties reports (beta version) 
  ✅ Bunch of small fixes and updates 

3.18.2 (31-12-2021):
  ✅ Switching from a relay back to AutoDJ fixed. 
  ✅ Now we are using our own album cover images search engine so more of your tracks will have covers now, also ISRC number search was added (ISRC numbers are required for SoundExchange reports that will come in the next version) 

3.18.1 (11-04-2021):
  ✅ New clipart: default icons for tracks, djs. 
  ✅ Added an option to quickly move selected track to a specific position on a playlist. Check a checkbox next to a track inside a playlist and a new "Move" button will appear, it will ask for a postion to move tracks to. 
  ✅ More improvemens and fixes to the new Player constructor -  better default colors, functionality is also improved. 
  ✅ Accessibility improvements to help disabled people manage their radio. 
  ✅ Listeners map fixed for US localted radios. 
  ✅ A bunch of minor fixes reported by users is fixed. 

3.18.0 (09-29-2021):
  ✅ Core software libraries are updated (Python2 to Python3, Django 1.x to 2.x) 
  ✅ Accessibility improvements for blind screen readers 
  ✅ New payer constructor (beta) with 50 settings to colors, branding, etc. 
  ✅ Fixed a problem with relay volume change 
  ✅ AAC++, mp3 encoders now have ultra-low bitrate option -  16kbps. 
  ✅ Fixed a problem with jingle blocks when block has a random playlist track in it. 
  ✅ Listeners map is updated to WebGL map (better performance and look & feel) 
  ✅ In case album cover images are somehow deleted from the filesystem -  they will be restored automatically. 
  ✅ Jingle block is no longer deleted if one of in/out jingle file is deleted from filesystem 
  ✅ Lots of minor fixes and updates. 

3.17.4 (07-15-2021):
  ✅ Icecast-kh is now a default selection for new accounts in broadcaster admin admin 
  ✅ Fixed problem that broke SSL ports when channel type changed from Shoutcast to Icecast 
  ✅ Added support for some outdated broadcasting software that should improve metadata tranmission when Dj is broadcasting live. 
  ✅ Fixed problem with jingle images when album cover shows up for a different jingle, not the one that is currently playing. 
  ✅ Awstats web stats configuration file will now restore automatically if deleted by user. 
  ✅ Fixed FTP security issue when user could get access to folders outside user home directory. 
  ✅ In case user has removed his media/jingles directory via FTP they will restore automatically. 
  ✅ Webcaster.js works again. 

3.17.3 (06-30-2021):
  ✅ Stats password is now shown next to Stats link. 
  ✅ m3u links are fixed. 
  ✅ Installation/upgrade scripts updated to support recent CentOS changes. 

3.17.2 (06-22-2021):
  ✅ Fixed server failures causing radio startions to stop randomly. 

3.17.1 (06-15-2021):
  ✅ A complete rewrite of FLAC encoder that is now more stable and does not crash radio streams. 
  ✅ FLAC is now compatible with Icecast-kh, not only Icecast. 
  ✅ Added an option to change volume level for relayed streams. 

3.17.0 (04-27-2021):
  ✅ Additional FTP users management, ability to restrict user access to specific FTP folders. 

3.16.10 (04-14-2021):
  ✅ Fixed Icecast-kh admin pages: now URL is correct and it is possible to see connected listeners and other admin data. 

3.16.9 (04-08-2021):
  ✅ Fixed a problem when server (2) was using server (1) media mirectory and after server (2) removal all files form server (1) also disappear. Now original server files are kept untouched. 
  ✅ Multibyte character support added for Mp3 file names, this means file names with emoji or other special unicode characters will also work. 
  ✅ Now if some MP3 file uploaded by user fails to process more than 10 times -  the system will remove it. This will prevent cases when it constantly trying to process the same broken MP3 over and over again ending up crashing the system completely in some cases. 
  ✅ If system will find duplicated music files within the same radio server -  it will remove duplicates automatically. 
  ✅ Fixed Dj edit functionality that caused AutoDj to stop working normally. 
  ✅ Image files for track album covers now support long names (it was limited to 100 characters before causing problems for some clients that use long image names). 
  ✅ Fixed a problem in the scheduler that prevented rotations from working correctly. 

3.16.8 (03-30-2021):
  ✅ Youtube/Facebook/Vk streaming now support looping video streaming (previously it was only possible to use a static picture). 
  ✅ Fixed broken VK.com streaming. 

3.16.7 (03-12-2021):
  ✅ Fixed events displayed incorrectly on the scheduler due to winter time change. 
  ✅ Fixed edit function for rotations on the scheduler. 

3.16.6 (03-12-2021):
  ✅ Fixed 80 port proxy issues. 
  ✅ Disk quota check is now working for web uploads, preventiung users from uploading new files if quota is full. 
  ✅ Fixed a problem that caused Icecast channels to "hang" in diconnected state. 
  ✅ Mixed jingles are now working if crossfade is disabled. 

3.16.5 (02-12-2021):
  ✅ Fixed remote files and relays. 

3.16.4 (02-03-2021):
  ✅ Fixed playlist playing on completion of non-looping playlist event. 

3.16.3 (01-29-2021):
  ✅ ANSI character encoding support for DJ sources. 
  ✅ Uploaded files had wrong file permissions in some cases, fixed. 
  ✅ Added an option to show/hide jingle block in playbacl history as common jingles do. 
  ✅ A list of insecure chrome ports updated. Icecast/shoutcast channels will not get deprecated ports. 
  ✅ Interval times jingles scheduled between 00:00 to 00:00 never triggered, fixed. 
  ✅ Added an option to start rotation after non-looping playlist ends. 
  ✅ Rotations edit functionality fixed. 
  ✅ Same track repeat protection is now working for jingle blocks with random tracks inside. 
  ✅ Built-in player that plays playlist tracks in the broadcaster interface only worked for 4 tracks and then stopped working, fixed. 
  ✅ "Break current track" option now works as it should for scheduled rotations. 
  ✅ Tracks requested by listeners via jukebox are now excluded from random selection in playlists. 
  ✅ Jingle blocks are not dropped when jingle file is removed from the filesystem. 

3.16.2 (01-06-2021):
  ✅ Backup script fix 

3.16.1 (01-05-2021):
  ✅ Minor fixes for rotations 
  ✅ Force users to use recommended image resolution for Youtube/FB/VK streams 
  ✅ Optimited build to reduce CPU load 

3.16.0 (12-24-2020):
  ✅ Rotations (weighted playlists) 
  ✅ Webcaster.JS support -  you can stream directly in the browser (play MP3 files, use microphone) 
  ✅ scheduler fix for events that have messed up different time zones 
  ✅ Sound distortion at the beginning of some files fixed. 
  ✅ Fixed folder deletion 
  ✅ Português language 
  ✅ Fixed track duplications when importing m3u files. 

3.14.1 (10-22-2020):
  ✅ Login as broadcaster fixed 

3.14.0 (10-09-2020):
  ✅ File processing speed increased significantly 
  ✅ Users are not allowed to use the same passwords for accounts and FTP, new passwords are always required in case old ones have leaked or compromised. 
  ✅ Added /opt/bin/change_account_passwords system utility to change all user account passwords at once 
  ✅ Added /opt/bin/change_ftp_passwords system utility to change all user FTP passwords at once 

3.13.0 (10-09-2020):
  ✅ Jukebox was not working for remote files -  fixed. 
  ✅ TZ support has a fix for timezone transition, when "impossible" time is happening, like 02:01 AM in Australia at 4 of October, when time transition happens. 
  ✅ Events in the scheduler now have a new option for non-shuffled playlists: it is now possible to continue playing the playlist where it left off if "Plays from top of playlist" checkbox is unchecked. 
  ✅ Graphical stats performance (the chart with bars on the main page) is improved. 

3.12.2 (09-29-2020):
  ✅ Fixed a problem with m3u playlist import (the playlist failed to create in case of M3U file import). 
  ✅ Jingles with a "Mix" option enabled sometimes skip audio samples during the playbalck, fixed. 

3.12.1 (09-21-2020):
  ✅ Updating the channel does not change the SSL port anymore. 
  ✅ Radio server removal issues fixed. 
  ✅ SSL is disabled now for Shoutcst 2 servers if there is no premium key. 
  ✅ Empty directories are now being kept and displayed, even all directory files are removed. 
  ✅ Accidentally deleted media directories (media/Server_N, jingles/Server_N) are now restored automatically. 

3.12.0 (08-10-2020):
  ✅ Playlists pagination support has been added, the number of tracks per page can be configured via "Settings". 
  ✅ Search functionality added to playlists. 
  ✅ If playlist track has an image (album cover) -  it is now marked with a special icon on the playlist listing. 
  ✅ Quick links page added. 

3.11.8 (07-21-2020):
  ✅ Fixed image upload for relays. 

3.11.7 (07-19-2020):
  ✅ Improved m3u playlist import function for playlist with non-latin characters in file names. 
  ✅ Broken listening links for Icecst-kh fixed. 
  ✅ Some repeating events were hidded on the scheduler -  fixed. 

3.11.6 (07-07-2020):
  ✅ More improvements to media file duration calculation accuracy. 
  ✅ Remote files did not show up in the list in some cases. 
  ✅ Better handling of remote files MP3 tags. 
  ✅ TuneIn integration now also works for relays, live broadcasts, TuneIn track submission improved. 
  ✅ AutoDJ failed to schedule requested songs in some cases -  fixed. 

3.11.5 (22-05-2020):
  ✅ Scheduler loading speed improved up to 3x times. 
  ✅ Traffic (bandwidth) calculation is fixed and now shows for every channel in the broadcaster console. 
  ✅ Minor fix in interval jingles. 
  ✅ Impoved metadata sync for remote files. 
  ✅ Unicode support fixed for Dj live streams. 

3.11.4 (10-05-2020):
  ✅ Fixed overlapping events in the scheduler. 
  ✅ Backup menu fixed in admin area. 
  ✅ Mapbox API (service that is used to display listeners on map) is now upaded according to their recent requerements. 
  ✅ Fixed broken playlist track removal. 
  ✅ The accuracy of music file length calculation is greatly improved, that improves playlist duration calculation. 

3.11.3 (06-05-2020):
  ✅ Resellers section display fixed in admin area. 
  ✅ Extended mp3 tags support is now added for jingles, so they have album, year, composer and other tags as well as normal music files. 
  ✅ Improved unicode support for MP3 tags. 
  ✅ Several fixes to the scheduler. 
  ✅ Statistics fix: traffic was not counting for SSL ports. 
  ✅ Fixed: "Remove selected" tracks button now works for very longs playlists with lots of files selected for removal. 
  ✅ Memory leak fixed when Auto DJ is disabled for an account and someone is connecting as a live DJ. 

3.11.2 (24-04-2020):
  ✅ Fixed repeating events with time zone enabled (1 hour off problem). 
  ✅ Fixed script that collects listeners statistics, the performance is improved. 
  ✅ Fix: for jingle block that have a random track in the middle now there is a check to prevent same track repetition. 
  ✅ Fixed images in tracks history was broken in some cases. 
  ✅ Fixed SSL configraion when Icecast channel changes to Shoutcast and vice-versa. 
  ✅ Fixed "Play" button next to the playlist which starts playing them by creating an event in the scheduler. 
  ✅ Updated install/update scripts to work with the recent Centos Linux changes. 

3.11.1 (24-04-2020):
  ✅ Small fix to support unicode character set in album title MP3 tag. 
  ✅ Small fix for image extraction from MP3 files. 
  ✅ Scheduler improvements for better timezone support. 

3.11.0 (21-04-2020):
  ✅ New: Complete rewrite of timezone support (it is recommended to check and update all jingles, jingle block and schedule to make sure the TimeZone and hours are correct) 
  ✅ New: Added support for remote (via URL) fies playback in playlists, jingles and jingle blocks 
  ✅ New: Centova cast account migration 
  ✅ New: Option to set incoming metadata character incoding for DJs 
  ✅ Bugfix: WHMC module updates and fixes 
  ✅ Bugfix: Admin area update: responsive design for the broadcasters list 
  ✅ Speed improvements in the Scheduler section loading 

  ✅ New: Custom Metadata format for AutoDJ, for example you can now use "Artist -  Album" meta format instead of "Artist -  Title". Other macros are also available, see Settings for the new option. 
  ✅ New: Relays updated to support low quality (mono, low bitrate) streams. 
  ✅ New: iTunes, Last FM API added to find album covers for tracks if album art is missing in MP3 tag. 

  ✅ New: Shoutcast2 HTTPS native support with Shoutcast Premium plan 
  ✅ New: WHMCS module functionality update 
  ✅ New: German tranlation 
  ✅ New: Port 443 (HTTPS) proxy for streams 

  ✅ Bugfix: fixed 100% CPU usage when relay can not connect to the source server 
  ✅ Bugfix: a DJ being created instead of relay when adding a new relay 
  ✅ Bugfix: FLAC is now also uploadable via WEB interface 
  ✅ Bugfix: now it is not possible to create a port 80 proxy with an existing URL 
  ✅ Bugfix: Shoutcast 100% CPU usage when config file is missing or incorrect 

  ✅ Feature: new jingle type -  play every N minutes from time A till time B 
  ✅ Bugfix: relays stability imrovements 
  ✅ Bugfix: live broadcast stability imrovements 
  ✅ Bugfix: minor fixes and improvements 

  ✅ WHMCS module update 

  ✅ Icecast public directory listing update 

  ✅ Hotfix: jingle blocks without the track refused to play 

  ✅ New: Added /opt/bin/change_host utility to change server hostname 
  ✅ New: Added /opt/bin/ss_enable utility to add HTTPS support for streams and the hosted domain 
  ✅ New: Added additional settings in jingles and block to allow temporary disable and rotation start/end dates 
  ✅ Fix: minor fix in track requests and interval jingles 

  ✅ Fixed: some events were incorrectly displayed in the scheduler 
  ✅ Fixed: random track sometimes skipped and not being played in jingles block 
  ✅ Added port 21 in FTP settings 

  ✅ Fixed GMT-0 timezones (line Europe/London) in the scheduler 
  ✅ Fix for repeating events in the scheduler calendar (they did not show up in some cases) 
  ✅ Notification about an update available is now read an required explicit close 

  ✅ Fixed a problem with a random track playback in jingle blocks 

  ✅ Fixed a problem with a jingle blocks playback 

  ✅ Fixed minor issue with random playlists playback 
  ✅ Added a protection against same jingle repeat in Jingles 
  ✅ Added a protection against same jingle repeat in Jingle Blocks for in/out jingles 
  ✅ Added a protection against same track repeat when a Jingle Block has a random track selected 

  ✅ Users will now see a notification about the update available and asked to restart their radio server if they are using an outdated version. 
  ✅ All remaining problems with relays are fixed (metadata, sound artifacts on some streams). 
  ✅ Several bugs fixed in the scheduler 
  ✅ Memory leak fixed 
  ✅ WHMCS module update: invalid (too long) username generation fixed 

  ✅ Relays buffering issue fixed 
  ✅ It is now possible to update Icecast/Shoutcast admin password 

  ✅ Timezone support 

  ✅ New: FB.com streaming 
  ✅ New: VK.com streaming 

  ✅ New: Shoutcast 2.6 support 
  ✅ Security: API security improved: unauthenticated users can not upload music to the server 
  ✅ Bugfix: prevent Auto-Dj from failures when Youtube configuration is incorrect 

  ✅ Shell command to update "admin" user password added 

  ✅ New: Album covers are now implemented for jingles 
  ✅ New: Help message in the upload updated (notifies user that he needs to press "Upload" after dragging files into the drop area) 
  ✅ Fix: Fixed album covers for tracks in jingle blocks 
  ✅ Minor updates and improvements 

  ✅ Language switcher fixed in the broadcaster admin panel 
  ✅ New feature: create playlist copies 

  ✅ Translations added 
  ✅ Player connection issues fixed 
  ✅ Internal bugs fixed 

  ✅ WHMCS modules updated 
  ✅ Scheduling issues fixed 

  ✅ Port 80 proxy support for streams 

  ✅ XSPF link added for Icecast streams 
  ✅ Improved music processing performance 
  ✅ Icecast-kh support added 

  ✅ Backup and restore for broadcaster accounts 
  ✅ API security improvements 

  ✅ Fixed a bug in the scheduler that started the wrong playlist 
  ✅ Advanced listener stats (awstats) fixed for shoutcast streams 
  ✅ Improved WEB-player AAC format support 

  ✅ Fixed SSL port issue when Icecast server changes to Shoutcast 
  ✅ Fixed incorrect RAM usage 

  ✅ Improved external DJ connectivity 
  ✅ Scheduler updates and bugfixes 
  ✅ Restart Youtube live relay in case of connection failures 
  ✅ Improved Youtube streaming quality 
  ✅ Turkish translation added 
  ✅ Reseller account creation with WHMCS added 

  ✅ Added /var/users partition usage confirmation to the installation script 
  ✅ Broken "Edit" link in DJs fixed 

  ✅ Listeners World map initial load fix 
  ✅ DJs API security updates 
  ✅ Youtube streaming stability improvements 
  ✅ Scheduler updates and bugfixes 
  ✅ Relay other radio stations with a scheduler 

  ✅ Youtube streaming 
  ✅ Scheduler stability impromenets 
  ✅ Fixed issue that prevented the radio server from restart 

  ✅ It's possible to specify server type (Icecast/Shoutcast 1 or 2) upon account creation 
  ✅ Software version control and updates 

  ✅ Fixed admin password recoveryFixed an issue with a logo loading over http protocol on https pages 
  ✅ Security & stability updates to track requests widget, current track status widget 
  ✅ Fixed broadcaster account password recovery 
  ✅ Fixed issues with public Icecast streams